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The Flow Sessions: Relax, Release, Revive

A one-day yoga and mindfulness workshop to bring you back into your flow and make your feel wonderful!

Busyness has become a symptom of the modern lifestyle and every active urbanite knows only too well its harmful impact - lethargy, anxiety, demotivation and burnout to name but a few.

With over twenty years experience between them, Samadhi Yoga's Renata Byrne and Lesley Barker Hypnotherapy have teamed up under the banner of 'The Flow Sessions' to guide you through a journey of self discovery using a number of sacred mind-body practises.

Set within the UK’s first fully sustainable venue, overlooking a breathtaking coastal landscape, this one-day Yoga and Mindfulness workshop will help ease you off the treadmill of everyday life to restore a renewed sense of peace, clarity and vitality.

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