I am the Founder of Samadhi Yoga by Renata Byrne, a Vinyasa Flow & Yin qualified Yoga Instructor . I offer group classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats. In addition, I am a Dip/Hyp-Psych qualified Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Biodynamic Energy Work. My work experience spans Europe,  South East Asia ad Australia.

Self-awareness and conscious embodiment are the predominant focusses of my work, which I feel are particularly needed during these turbulent times.

No stranger to injury, my own yoga practise began two decades ago in response to a herniated spinal disk. Later in life I had to work through a hip injury. I attribute my recovery from these to insights grained through both traditional training and experiential exploration of the mind-body connection. Today I apply these to my work with students for injury prevention and management, recognising that each body is unique and in a constant state of flux. 

As an eternal student and practitioner of the healing arts, I constantly develop my skills in complimentary approaches from a variety of traditions. I see yoga as a way to realign with our true nature, to recognise the interconnectedness of all life and to restore balance. For me, yoga and healing represent a chance at peace both individually and collectively. We still have much peace work to do in the world.

Namaste,                                                                                                  Renata







Renata Byrne, Founder & Instructor